At Cyclus Sports, we believe in the future of road racing in America. Not only is cycling in American a great sport in its own right, but it can grow to achieve its former glory as the place for cycling in the world. Everything we do at Cyclus Sports is about us trying to lay a solid foundation for the future of the sport.
As we grow, we are committed to our community. We feel that where there is a strong and healthy cycling company, there should be a strong and healthy community. At Cyclus Sports, our business model therefore emphasizes local development because we know that a strong sports industry creates economic benefits. We want businesses, organizations, sponsors and entities of all kinds to have the chance to benefit from advertising as we continue our success in the sport. 

Success in races is important, and at Cyclus Sports we know that winning the right way matters. Not only must we preserve the reputation of American cycling, but we must create excellent models for the next generation of athletes. At Cyclus Sports, we believe that American cycling needs to return to a standard in which talent and skill is the factor in determining the outcomes of races. We want fans to be proud of their culture's athletic accomplishments. That’s why we have a "Zero Positive" initiative that allows riders and all those involved in the sport to feel good about clean competition. But we don’t stop there. In order to ensure that Cyclus Sports remains 100% PED-free, Cyclus Sports does not work with riders or coaches that have any past history of PED use. 


In all aspects of our business practices, we aim to be a new way forward in American cycling. We hope you'll become a fan today and join us for life on the road!