At Cyclus Sports, we are a different kind of cycling company. We believe there is more to American cycling than winning at all costs. That cycling in American can do more. Be more. Which is why, above podiums or wins, Cyclus Sports remains poised to become a model for the sport. 

As we grow, our commitment to our communities runs deep. At Cyclus Sports, our unique business model emphasizes local team development, enabling our cities to benefit economically from team success. Having locally developed riders means our communities are not just spectators, but are a part of the teams in a tangible way. Local businesses benefit from advertising as team partners and exposure during local Races. Local charities benefit from rider involvement in their causes and initiatives. Because our riders call their title cities home instead of just home-base, our teams are invested in their communities, and communities are invested in our teams.

Success in races is also important, of course. At Cyclus Sports, we know that winning the right way matters, not only in preserving the reputation of American cycling, but because when the next generation of cyclists watches a race, they should be looking up to athletes who deserve their respect. At Cyclus Sports, we believe that American cycling needs to return to a standard in which rider talent is the sole factor in determining the outcomes of races, a standard riders, teams, and fans alike can be proud of. That’s why all Cyclus Sports riders sign contracts with zero-tolerance performance-enhancing-drug clauses. But we don’t stop there. In order to ensure that all Cyclus Sports teams remain 100% PED-free, Cyclus Sports does not work with riders, coaches, or industry companies that have any past history of PED use. We are part of changing American cycling for the better, and as such we will work with individuals or companies who embody our values in their actions.

In all aspects of our business practices, we are a new way forward in American cycling.