Alex Winnicki

BIRTHDAY: 02/07/1991



BIO: I was born and raised in Winston Salem before moving out to Greensboro NC at 19. I spent 6 years as a Welder and Robot Programmer. Watching co-workers near retirement swing the same hammer I was, motivated me to apply myself more physically and mentally. In the following years worked/paid my way through college, graduating from University of North Carolina Greensboro this past Summer with a B.S in Business. My obsessive personally picked up cycling somewhere in those manufacturing years, and things snowballed until pushing pedals was the thing I wanted to do.

Most days you can find me in wandering around the kitchen cooking, crafting various baked goods, and listening to podcasts. Being an amateur pastry chef of sorts helps me balance out (physically / mentally) the stress and disciple that comes with the health and wellness element of athletics. Also, it’s not too hard to make friends at the bike race when you have a bag of cookies with you.