Franklin Brooks Deese

BIRTHDAY: May 24, 1991

ORIGINALLY FROM: I was born in Raleigh, NC. But I have lived in Greensboro since I was 4 and that is definitely home.


BIO: Franklin Brooks Deese was born in Raleigh, NC, but moved to Greensboro as a child. He started riding and racing bikes after high school, competing in his first race at age 19 at the Carolina Cup. He concedes that he found bike racing terrifying at first, and way more painful than he expected. Though he probably finished dead last in more than one race when he started, he still found bike racing more fun and gratifying than anything he'd experienced. Since then, he’s been pursuing his dreams of racing at the highest possible level, living in both Portland, OR and Boone, NC to race and train on his own until he decided to return to his hometown to grow and develop as a lead Cyclus Sports rider.