Cyclus Sports Back to Back Podiums at Armed Forces Cycling Classic Weekend (JUNE 9-10, 2018)
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Tuesday, July 03, 2018
By Cyclus Sports
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The Armed Forces Cycling Classic is a historic cycling event on the Professional Road Tour (PRT) Calendar. The Armed Forces Cycling Classic is a two-day cycling weekend starting on Saturday with the Claredon Cup and Sunday the Crystal Cup. Both events host professional and domestic elite teams racing for high stakes prize purses and PRT national points up for grabs. These criteriums are some of the longest standing criterium races in American history, held annually for over two decades. The Clarendon Cup takes place on a tight five turn 1km circuit; Racers are challenged to the lap at a total of 100 times for a total of 100km. It is coined as 'The race of 500 turns.

It is common that a breakaway stays away or laps up on the Claredon Cup course. From the beginning Corey, Oliver, and Winston hovered near the front of the peloton to cover moves and ride aggressively. With about 70 laps to go the peloton finally began to split up, with Winston in a move with other major teams in the race. The group of three worked cohesively together until they finally lapped up with about 35 laps to go.

Once the group of three made contact with the back of the peloton, Winston and one other from the breakaway went straight for the front. Then the real work started for the rest of the CS Team. Oliver and Corey helped keep the pace even for Winston in the closing laps. With 8 laps to go there was a big crash that neutralized the race for everyone. This neutral lap helped all breakaway riders catch their breath and regroup, making for an even more challenging finish. Then yet again, another crash after the neutral re-start. The final laps of this race were hectic! Winston came away with third place at the Claredon Cup and the team also secured a fifth place finish on Sunday's Crystal Cup! Great weekend for team Cyclus Sports Starlight Factory Team.

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